Monday, November 26, 2012

Diary 26 nov

Today it's just a day as usual. today is a boring day just like yesterday and just like tomorrow.. The lack of adventure is hard to face. And i'm amazed that i'm still standing. I am like a ghost.. I wander this life without a purpose and nobody seems to notice me. When I look in the mirror I see a frustrated, angry little old man.. how did it come to this? how did I go from being somewhat of a loner to being alienated by society? Who am I? What have I got myself into? So many people visit my house but they are all friends and family of my girlfriend. They don't like me and I don't like them but they do come into My house, plundering My fridge, eathing My food that was bought with My money and their lack of respect frustrates me. Family-in-law.....blast 'em!

This is my house, yet it isn't.. her family drops by on a daily basis like this is some kind of hotel. and nobody cares what I have to say about it. I am the one who least matters.. a paranoid pushover, that's me.
I should talk to my family-in-law about it and I would if I was'nt so affraid that such a simple discussion might escalate into a real fight. So instead I hold my tongue until I leave.. just a few more months.. I can make it. Away from these simple minded people that I have nothing in common with.
I see it now.. either I leave or there will be blood.. either mine or theirs.. sooner or later.. let's not get it come to that.. happy thoughts

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