Thursday, May 9, 2013

Diary 9 may

It's a nice sunny day outside. I have been spending the last couple of days writing, listening to Tupac on youtube, doing fitness and I find myself fantasizing about better days in the future. I have also been walking barefoot for the last couple of days, I'm no Cody but I still better get used to this.
I'm poundering over my social issues, like I said before I have been becoming more social lately and that's good but not if you're about to head out on a solo adventure for the rest of your life. I even met a girl, or I think I have.. we'll see. I should have left a month ago when I was still a recluse. Then I would have only missed my children instead of any human contact.

Ahwell it's not going to mess up my plans, Goodbye for now

Sepultura - Ratamahatta


  1. I am seriously starting to think you might be better off with a human companion. If you think you can handle it and won't grow mad, then so be it. But if you're unsure you might be better off with someone to go with you. The last way you want to die is because you've grown mad of lonelyness.

    There are a few tricks to not 'think' about having company, try to count to the highest number possible, bring a little ball or just find a proper rock and then try to improve your tossing skills as much as you can, find a target and keep trying to hit it. Make projects such as a selfmade shower and work on those.
    In my opinion you really sound like you need a human to come with you, then again I am not you and only know you through this blog.

    On a sidenote: I won't be going to these conventions I tol you about earlier, they appear to be some kind of event entertainmentish day, for kids 4-12 years old. Shame!
    If you're going to find a companion just find a forum or something online, I'm sure there are plenty of them out there.
    Best wishes,

    1. I agree. I seriously underestimated the social package. I either have to get this under control or I have to go on a non-solo trip. Either way I know understand that the whole idea of being miles away from humanity for years was just stupid. At this moment I am surounded with humans and yet I feel lonely haha.. just imagine being in the middle of nowhere for the rest of my life.. insane..

      There are many tricks that are helpfull to not think about having company or any other form of problems, everything that helps keeping the mind occupied. Just to not having to face the fact that even I turned out to be a social creature.
      So you're right.. I need others.. or I might end up talking to a painted baseball :)
      Even if I would head out into the wild solo, I will settle down near villages and interact with the locals.

      About the event: I already thought something like that, a shame indeed. I am not going to search for a companion because of the lack of time I have. In the past people did reach out to me if I wanted them as companions.. all of them where from the US and one from south africa.. Dutch people usualy don't do this, we are exceptions ;)
      Best wishes to you aswell, take care

  2. Saying it's stupid doesn't mean you think it's stupid what you're doing right? If you think it's stupid to do what you're about to do:
    Don't. You'll lose the motivation to survive.

    Gosh I sound negative, I hope the best for you matey!

    1. The motivation to head out there is strong in this one :) But I lately found out that I'm more social then I initially thought. But it's gonna be allright